I am often asked where the name "franny bee" came from.  Since our task at hand is to create  memories for others, I thought it was appropriate for the name to come from a favorite memory of mine.  

From an early age I can remember the special touches my Grammy "Franny" put into everything.  When you were sick she would decorate a tissue bag so you could have sniffles in style.  Her care packages were the definition of the term - everything inside let you know she cared.  As a little girl I saw her wedding photo on the shelf and just knew that I would undoubtedly cherish the day when I got to dress up just like her!  Her sweetness that will stay in my heart forever inspires me to put special touches into everything.  

As I was contemplating taking the leap from helping friends with their weddings and turning it into an actual business, my mom received a copy of my grandparents wedding invitation in the mail from a relative.  Already knowing that I would want to incorporate "franny" into the name, I took it as a sign that everything was heading in the right direction.

Since all memories should be sweet, I decided to take inspiration from my name Melissa meaning "honeybee" to complete the name.  

Hence, the story of naming franny bee designs.  Always working to create sweet memories and encouraging you to bee yourself.

Our mission is to make your next event unique and design special touches that represent you.